With devices connected to FoxerIoT platform it is possible to scrutinise temperature and humidity simultaneously in thousands of apartments and / or housing cooperatives. With help of the sensors installed in the apartments for example property maintenance companies can easily see if the apartments are overheated and thus lower the temperature – and save energy. Temperature and humidity data from thousands of apartments is easily supervised trough FoxerIoT platform, with hihgly configurable dashboard views and alarm functions.

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How to Add Partners in FoxerIoT

This video will walk you through all the steps required to create a partner group and adding users to the group.

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How to Add Customers in FoxerIoT

Easy step by step tutorial for adding new customers and how to view information of the customers after they have been added.

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How to Import Devices in FoxerIoT

This video shows you a complete step by step tutorial on how to import devices. Such as required file format, device IDs, PAC codes, product certificate, parser and setting customer tags to run the import. It will also guide you on how to follow the progress for the batch job and the time required for the provision of devices in a detailed way.

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How to Invite Users in FoxerIoT

Do you want to add a new user to your group? Here’s a short video that demonstrates the required steps.

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How to Create Dashboard in FoxerIoT

Are you having trouble sorting your dashboard? Here’s a simple video that will show you how to pick multiple devices and aggregate data for observation in your dashboard. You will also learn how to change the size and place of the widget for your convenience.

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