Meet the company that´s making IoT simple

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a disruptive wind of change that’s driving the interconnectivity between everything and everyone. Lots of people say that IoT is the next industrial revolution. And that means it’s going to change everything – including, of course, how all kinds of businesses operate in every industry you can imagine. Driving huge economic, social and societal gains for all.

Changing everything is complex task. FoxerIoT makes it simple.

The FoxerIoT data platform is the simplest way to manage and analyze all of the data points that are important to you. It’s the world’s only platform that’s optimized to host Sigfox IoT network-powered devices. That makes it the perfect choice for companies looking to accurately and regularly monitor things like temperature, air quality, motion, stress on components and pretty much anything – all in real-time.


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