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Software Platform for 
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Multi-tenant, Enterprise SaaS IoT-platform for Sigfox powered devices

Easy setup for payload parsing and conversion with graphical interface

External API for fast integration to customer's own systems

Device fleet management and provisioning tools

Highly configurable dashboard views and alarm functions

Powerful search and grouping tools for devices, customers, groups etc.

New black in IoT revolution

FoxerIoT is the new standard for simplicity and usability

Platform structure

Smart IoT-Platform made easy

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FoxerIoT is 
evolving fast

January 15, 2018

New integrations

Connect your Sigfox-powered IoT device to FoxerIoT and transform the data stream now by just couple mouse clicks! Besides intuitive self-service device payload parser, FoxerIoT  has now a quickly grow…

October 15, 2017

FoxerIoT-platform open for commercial use

    The FoxerIoT -platform is now officially open for commercial use and Sigfox-powered device deployments. The powerful SaaS-platform enables revolutionary easy data and device fleet manage…

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